There are always amazing activities to try at the MOA, many of which are available whenever you decide to visit! Ask about any of the following at the Front Desk when you arrive! You can also request a tour in advance, take a look at our scheduled programs, or see our upcoming events!

Mystery at the MOA

Mystery at the MOA

There’s mischief afoot at the MOA, and we need your help to solve it! Grab a few friends, work together, find clues, and solve puzzles to see if you’re clever enough to unravel this mystery. If your final deduction is correct, you’ll win a prize! This activity takes about an hour and is available for all, but it’s particularly well-suited for college students in groups of 2-5. Pick up your clues at the Front Desk today!


Art with Heart

Art with Heart is the MOA’s official date activity! Bring someone you love or anyone you’d like to get to know a little better on one of our self-guided adventures through the Museum, where you’ll have opportunities to converse, connect, and consider the world you share in a fun, chic environment. After the two of you have finished your adventure, be sure to collect a prize at the Front Desk! These activities are available at the Front Desk and on the MOA App.


Gallery Activity Guides

We have a number of Gallery Activity Guide pamphlets available at the Front Desk. Be sure to pick them up when you arrive!

Slow Art Day

Slow Looking Guide

In a frantic world, sometimes it pays to slow down. Use our Slow Looking Guide to contemplate some of our masterpieces at a more intentional, leisurely pace. As you soak in the artistry, you might just be surprised what you learn about our artworks (and yourself)!


Attention to Detail Challenge

Every month during Fall and Winter Semesters, we’ll share a small detail from an artwork on display on Instagram. If you come to the MOA and find the correct artwork before time is up, you’ll win a prize!

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