Open Studio: Minerva Teichert’s Book of Mormon Exhibition

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Today we will learn about all of the different kinds of journeys people take, whether migrating to a new land or taking a small trip to the art museum. Look for all of the exciting adventures as you trek through Minerva Teichert’s Book of Mormon paintings with us.

Explore the Artwork

Minerva Teichert "Lehi in the Desert"

Minerva Teichert, “Lehi in the Desert,” 1964, oil on canvas. Brigham Young University, gift of Charles and Laurie Teichert Eastwood.

Take a look at the people in this painting and notice their ages, from young to old.
– What various tasks are they performing?
– How can you tell that these people are traveling?
– What clues has the artist given us as to where this might be located?

This group, most of which belong to single family, just left a city called “Jerusalem.” They are traveling through the desert looking for a new home, and they tried to pack everything they might need for their journey. What kinds of things do you think they brought with them?

What would you take with you if you moved to a new country, traveling by camel or on foot, with no big trucks to carry all your belongings?

Look at the camels and the load they carry. Can you tell what is hanging from their backs? It’s jerky! This family couldn’t easily build fires in the desert, so they dried their meat in the hot desert sun.

What favorite food would you take along as you travel?


Minerva Teichert "The Promised Land"

Minerva Teichert, “The Promised Land,” 1949-1951, oil on masonite. Brigham Young University Museum of Art.

Minerva Teichert "Nephi Leads His Followers into the Wilderness"

Minerva Teichert, “Nephi Leads His Followers into the Wilderness,” c.1940, oil on plywood. Brigham Young University Museum of Art.

Compare these two paintings. One is about a group of people arriving from far away to their new home, and the other is about these same people later being forced to leave this home. People go on journeys for lots of reasons. Often, we travel when we go on vacation or move to a new location. This group originally came to this new land from across the ocean so they could escape dangerous people who wanted to harm them because of their beliefs. Now other evil people are forcing them to leave their new home, which they call the Promised Land.
– How would you feel if you were forced to leave your home, school, and friends?
– Most of your journeys have probably been more fun. What kinds of journeys have you taken in your life?
– Where would you like to travel to in the future?


Minerva Teichert "The Ship of Hagoth"

Minerva Teichert, “The Ship of Hagoth,” 1949-1951, oil on masonite. Brigham Young University Museum of Art.

In ancient times, people had very few means available to get from one place to the next, and travel was very slow compared to the many different ways that we can travel today.
– What transportation did the people use in all of the paintings you’ve seen today? How would you feel if you had to walk to your next vacation?
– What kinds of transportation do we enjoy in the 21st century (bike, plane, train, car, boat, etc.)?
– Which of these have you experienced before? Which is your favorite way to travel?

As we’ve seen, journeys can be both fun and challenging at the same time.
– What do you think is most exciting about going on a journey?
– What is the most difficult thing about traveling?


Now, walk through the gallery and see what other paintings are about trips and journeys. Then proceed to the Art Studio to make your own Dream Journey Mural!

Art Activity: 

Dream Journey Mural
In the gallery, you saw many paintings showing people on exciting journeys. Now it is your turn to paint your dream journey—the journey that you would be thrilled to make.

1. First, think of a place you have always wanted to visit. This could be Disney World in Florida, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or the Great Wall of China. Let your imagination run wild!
2. Next, please pick up a piece of paper, canvas, or even sidewalk chalk
3. Using the variety of art-making supplies available, create your imagined dream journey!

Souvenirs at Home

Look around your house or room and see if you can find souvenirs, photographs, plane tickets, or anything that will remind you of a trip you have taken. Find a special place to keep these items so that you can look at them often and enjoy the great memories. Ask your parents if you can make a collage out of these items.


Share your creations with us! Post on social media and tag @byumoa #moafromhome

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