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Souls and Sacraments Audio Descriptions for Blind and Partially Sighted Visitors

On this page you'll find audio descriptions of each of the artworks in the exhibition Souls and Sacraments.

The Trinity, by Circle of Artus Wolffort
Saints Peter and Paul, by Anonymous Russian Artist
The Child Jesus, by William Charles Thomas Dobson
Rest on the Flight to Egypt, by Hermann Kaulbach
At the Gates, by Henry Ossawa Tanner
Madonna of the Plane, by Pascal Adolphe Jean Dagnan-Bouveret
Annunciation, by James C. Christensen
El Prendimiento de Cristo (The Arrest of Christ), by Luca Giordano
The Last Supper, by Roman Śledź
Triplus, by Ron Richmond
Holy Family, by Giuseppe Mazzola
Our Savior Subject To His Parents at Nazareth, by John Rogers Herbert
Fall and Redemption of Man, by School of Lucas Cranach
The Crucifixion: A Triptych, by Bernard Sleigh
Altar at Giverny, by Theodore Earl Butler