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Upcoming Music and Dance of the Middle East Workshop

On Friday, July 13, at 1:00, 2:00, and 3:00 pm the MOA will host a hands-on workshop featuring Dr. Lloyd Miller and Katherine St. John of Eastern Arts. Participants will learn about the importance of music and dance in the Middle East. They will be invited to watch demonstrations of native musical instruments and will be taught Arabic line dances and footwork patterns from Turkey, Afghanistan, and Iran. This workshop is appropriate for both adults and families. This workshop is free, but space is limited and pre-registration is required. To register or learn more, visit here. This workshop is part of a series that is being held in conjunction with Beauty and Belief: Crossing Bridges with the Arts of Islamic Culture. Future workshops will feature explorations of the scientific tool of astrolabes, and the use of geometry in Islamic Art. For more information about future workshops, please visit here.