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Gabriel Dawe‘s new installation at the MOA, Plexus no. 29, is one of many in a series of large-scale works by the artist that feature colorful, intertwining threads. A number of videos about the installation process and themes addressed in the works have been produced by many institutions that currently display Dawe’s work. A small sampling of these videos can be found below.


As each thread is individually passed through a series of hooks, a unified network–or plexus– is formed, which provides the inspiration for the title of the series. Each work within the series utilizes overlapping threads to create an almost immaterial glow of color. The prism-like effect of the sunrays penetrating the skylight above and refracting all the colors within the visible light spectrum invites Museum visitors to behold the breadth and beauty of the visual experience. By observing the subtle gradations in color from various vantage points, visitors can more closely consider light, color, and the reflective surfaces at play.

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