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Since the opening of Sacred Gifts: The Religious Art of Carl Bloch, Heinrich Hofmann, and Frans Schwartz on November 15, 2013, Museum records as of January 15, 2014, indicate more than 115,000 tickets have been reserved and more than 4,000 thank you notes have been written and addressed to the churches and museums who have loaned the beloved works on display. These are some of the comments about the exhibition and testimonies of Christ shared in those notes by a few of our visitors.

Agony In The Garden … has moved me more than words can share, and inspires deep felt gratitude for my Savior.”
– Nicki Clark, UT

“…the most moving paintings of the Savior that I have ever seen.”
– Allen Ostergar, CA

“I feel love for all of those who helped share the love of Christ by sharing these paintings.”
– Mark Johnston, AZ

“There is hope and light in the world. What a beautiful reminder.”
– Janae Duncan, UT

“The emotion that the artists evoked, the way that I felt engaged with the Savior in the paintings, was a sacred and tender experience that I will never forget.”
– Lynda Robinson, UT

“…truly overwhelming in the most fulfilling way.”
– Clint Dennis, OR

“To see these pieces with my own eyes was such a thrill…”
– Leesha Jones, GA

“My brother … died from cancer two months ago…. The resurrection picture comforted me because I KNOW I will see my brother again.”
– Melodie Jackson, UT

“The paintings and their stories are so inspiring, and to see them together in this amazing exhibit is truly the chance of a lifetime!”
– Debbie Fox, CA

“I just lost my husband last week and this exhibit helped me with my pain. Thank you so much.”
– Loraine Timothy, UT

“These paintings and etchings are true treasures.”
– Kimberly Condie, WY

“Thank you for allowing these magnificent paintings to have an effect on my soul, strengthening my testimony of the Savior before I leave on my mission.”
– Lincoln Bangerter, UT

“…my eyes were opened just as the disciples eyes were opened to greater insight and appreciation for my Savior.”
– Ron Daly, CA

“Shortly before attending the exhibit … my wife was diagnosed with cancer. As we viewed the paintings … we felt the love of Christ and the peace that it brought us.”
– Paul Osborn, UT

“My heart was filled with love for those who were willing to part with these sacred treasures for even a few days!”
– Stanley W. Green, UT

“Absolutely breathtaking…”
– Angela Sawyer, CA

“Thank you so much for sharing these paintings with us. They have been great reminders of how to better bring ourselves to Christ.”
– Jason DeYoung, NH

“… Thank you for providing the opportunity to draw closer to Christ.”
– Alyson Jones, UT

“It is said of Carl Bloch, “He dipped his brush in his heart,” and we see the results. Thank you from our hearts.”
– Marilyn R. Crawford, UT

“Carl Bloch captures the relationships of ordinary people with the Savior in a way that makes my relationship with Him even more meaningful and possible.”
– Diane Daly, CA

“These artists truly served The Lord through their depictions…. Like them, we all can consecrate our lives to His work.”
– Liz Portanova, UT

…[a] gift that cannot be measured.
Heather Hyte, NV

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