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Viewer Voices: Heech


Heech, by Parviz Tanavoli

, was my absolute favorite piece

displayed in the

Beauty & Belief exhibition

, but when I think about it, I find myself in internal conflict—a blank even. The sculpture brings three-dimensional life to the Persian word

heech that literally means “nothing.” Even now as I attempt to word my feelings about the piece I find myself wondering: how can I possibly write something about “nothing”? And yet nothingness is central to what artists do. Artists create beautiful pieces out of nothing and visual substance to fill empty space.

Heech reflects this paradox between substance and nothingness. While the word “nothing” indicates the absence of form, meaning or value,

Heech proves to be quite the opposite. A solid bronze sculpture with a defined, flowing form, the piece carries weight, character, and a glow about it. In this light, “nothing” comes to signify the relationship between existence and the vision of the creator.