Viewer Voices: Kim Schoenstadt: Block Plan Series: Provo

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As part of the exhibition Kim Schoenstadt: Block Plan Series: Provo on display at the MOA until April 18, museum patrons are encouraged to share their memories and experiences about the various Provo landmarks and buildings featured in the installation.

Here are some of our favorite comments:

“I was 12 when I had my first kiss at the Malt Shoppe. I later married that boy. We still go back for cookie dough milkshakes.”

“I grew up one block north of the Provo City Power Plant, in a neighborhood that has been bought by the hospital and razed. I liked knowing where my house was from the smoke stacks anywhere in the city.”

“People used to hide the Big Malt Shoppe Boy around Provo. He would end up in people’s front yards. Love the shakes!!!”

“Always secretly wanting to buy cowboy boots at the Reams turtle when I shopped with my mother for groceries.”

“Who could forget the ice storm of 2013? This footbridge became a downhill ice skating rink! I remember having to hold onto the railing for dear life – but even that was covered in ice! I spent lots of time on my backside that day.”

“I still miss the Reams Building and their 25 cent orange sherbet!”

“Sleeping on the ramp while camping out for the BYU vs. Gonzaga game.”

“I remember ice skating in the Reams Ice Arena in 1964.”

“Recognizing all of the buildings was like a really hard ‘Where’s Waldo’ game. I’ve been around these buildings my whole life and I’m just beginning to really notice them. Thanks for the fun.”




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