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Wide Open Spaces Exhibit is Now Closed

By Anna Empey Wide-Open Spaces: Capturing the Grandeur of the American Southwest, opened September 17, 2010 and just recently closed on March 17. This exhibit is part of a series of installations and which is part of a whole exhibit. The next part of the series is called “People In a Hard Land” which will open on April 16, 2012. Wide-Open Spaces was an enchanting exhibit full of scenes of the American Southwest. The paintings brought a new approach and color to the landscape. There were many parts to the exhibit focusing on different aspects of the Southwest. Not only were there paintings about endless horizons, towering mountains, and intimate landscapes, there was also a focus on the people that lived and interacted with the land. This exhibit was so successful the exhibit got extended for a week. Kelly, a BYU student said, “It was a refreshing perspective on the landscape we are surrounded by on a daily basis. This exhibit really helped give me a greater appreciation for the landscape and its inherent beauty.” Overall, this exhibit was a breath of fresh air.