Norwegian and American Landscape Photography

January 28 – July 9, 2022

Prepare to be awestruck.

As the 19th century drew to a close, technological advances enabled photographers to capture breathtaking landscapes in way previously impossible, fuelling new ways for nations to envision and reconceptualize their own frontiers. This exhibition explores the works of artists in Norway and the United States, featuring breathtaking landscapes from photographers from seven countries.

Witness awesome vistas from New Mexico to North Cape, contemplate the struggles of traversing newly encountered landscapes, see the sacrifices of the photographers who braved them, and explore their efforts to use these landmarks to forge national identities. More than the differences, you will be inspired by the similarities between the two regions and those who traveled, lived, and worked there as we travel fra vest mot nord!

Norwegian Landscape Highlights

American Landscape Highlights

The exhibition is supported by a number of partners and contributers; it is co-curated by Marthe Tolnes Fjellestad and Shannon Egan and is supported by generous grants from the Wyeth Foundation for American Art, Fritt Ord Foundation, and the American-Scandinavian Foundation with additional financial support from GeoFocus Engineers, the University of Bergen, and Gettysburg College. The photographs are on loan from the University of Bergen Library, the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History, and the Ron Perisho Collection.

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