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Come Follow Me

"Come, Follow Me" - December 2023

Joining millions of Latter-day Saints around the world, the MOA is supporting the Come, Follow Me program by sharing artworks from our collection and visiting exhibitions to accompany readings from Come, Follow Me. Below you'll selections for this month alongside commentary and questions written by members of the MOA team (please note that during the two weeks leading up to Christmas the MOA will be running its annual Countdown to Christmas campaign instead of the usual Come, Follow Me posts). We hope that art-lovers everywhere will be inspired by these artworks as they complement their gospel study, family discussions, and church classes with fine art from around the world.

November 27 - December 3

“God is love.”

How many other scriptural passages share as powerful a message in so few words? As the apostle John attempts to define deity, he does so by reminding us not of God’s power or wisdom, but of his perfect attribute of love, made manifest in the person and sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

This work by Peter Myer shows Jesus on the cross, but only the Savior’s arms and crown of thorns are visible. A beam of light connects his head with the heavens, and a red sun lurks in the background of an otherwise dark landscape.

What does this work imply about the love of God?

December 4 -10

The Book of Revelation is filled with animals. Both heavenly and monstrous beings are compared with lions, dragons, and other dangerous, powerful beasts. On the other hand, the Savior is consistently compared with a lamb, despite his great power and glory.

What does the symbol of a lamb teach us about the Savior?

There will be no "Come, Follow Me" posts for December 17 or 24, but we encourage you to follow along with our Countdown to Christmas series on social media from December 13-24 instead.

December 25-31

The artist Ultra Violet (born Isabelle Collin Dufresne) joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1981 and became fascinated with imagery in the Book of Revelation. Here, the titular apocalyptic angel casually tosses a fighter jet aside.

Christians have interpreted the symbols in Revelation in myriad ways for thousands of years, but one message shines clear in almost all of these interpretations: good will triumph over evil. As you think back over your study of the New Testament this year, what messages stand out to you?

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