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Come Follow Me

"Come, Follow Me" - November 2023

Joining millions of Latter-day Saints around the world, the MOA is supporting the Come, Follow Me program by sharing artworks from our collection and visiting exhibitions to accompany each chapter of Come, Follow Me. Below you'll selections for this month alongside commentary and questions written by members of the MOA team. We hope that art-lovers everywhere will be inspired by these artworks as they complement their gospel study, family discussions, and church classes with fine art from around the world.

October 30 - November 5

While this painting features Mary and a young baby Jesus, it also prefigures Christ’s ultimate sacrifice. Within Mary’s halo are two nails, a reference to the nails that would later pierce Christ’s hands and feet. It also references each of us in the carpentry tools and wood shavings—the Lord can make something greater with each of us than we know possible. Perhaps the shaping and molding, and bigger perspective of our potential, are just a couple aspects of being “the author of eternal salvation” (Hebrew 5:9).

What does it mean to you that Jesus is the author of eternal salvation?

November 6-12

The Come, Follow Me reading for this week describes some of the sacrifices and ordinances as part of the Law of Moses. Of course, modern ordinances and sacrifices look different, but they fulfill the same goal—the words, promises, and emblems of the sacrament are focused on Jesus Christ.

How does Jorge Cocco Santangelo use line, color, light, or other formal elements to emphasize the relationship between the Savior and the sacrament?

November 13-19

The disciple James offers multiple analogies to explain that “faith, if it hath not works, is dead” (2: 17). He pointedly remarks that “the devils also believe,” implying that we must do more—we must act according to that belief. James then outlines a few examples of faith with works, and just as easily could have included the disciple Peter. On the Sea of Galilee, Christ invited Peter to get out of the ship—Peter acted on his faith, and walked on water. Sometimes our beliefs can lead us to do incredible things, other times we might act with the same faith, and not see the outcome we hoped for.

How does Brion’s painting help you remember to put your faith in Christ rather than the outcome?

November 20-26

In the 20th and 21st centuries, conceptual works have supplemented more traditional renderings of the Savior, often focusing on His attributes rather than on the narrative of his life. This artistic approach lends itself to abstract ideas, encouraging viewers to ponder the multiple levels of meaning in a work. Often, signs and symbols replace the human form of Christ, as in this painting.

Perhaps on one level, the white cloth refers to Christ’s perfect righteousness, the red cloth to his charity, and the overlapping of the two to his atoning sacrifice as the Savior of the world. 2 Peter 1:1-11 outlines these and many other attributes of Christ—which of them can you see reflected in this painting?

Which attributes of Christ do you see depicted in this painting?

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