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Come Follow Me

"Come, Follow Me" - July 2024

Artworks for Alma 17-35

Our artistic journey through the Book of Mormon continues! Each month on our website, you can find artworks to accompany each of the coming month's Come, Follow Me readings. You can also subscribe to get email reminders when new artworks are ready or follow along weekly on Instagram or Facebook. We hope that art-lovers everywhere will be inspired by these artworks as they complement their gospel study, family discussions, and church classes with fine art from around the world. Here are our selected artworks for July:

July 1-7

Although Ammon was a Nephite, he went out of his way to serve a stranger, the Lamanite King Lamoni, and ultimately protected his sheep from harm. Instead of focusing on the gruesome nature of the episode, Teichert chose to consider the position Ammon occupied as the savior of the flock. This serves as a reminder to the viewer that all those who serve can be like Christ.

How can you go out of your way to serve a stranger this week?

July 8-14

True conversion to the Gospel of Jesus Christ comes only through hard work and sacrifice. The Anti-Nephi-Lehies are an incredible example of this sacrifice by forsaking their weapons of war for their faith. Often, true conversion comes to an individual when they are asked to live their faith in the private spheres of their lives, not just the public ones.

In this print by Albert Sterner, a man earnestly digs into the dirt, either looking for or burying something. Though the scene around him is dark and bleak, there is a sliver of light in the background. Perhaps the Anti-Nephi-Lehies could relate as they willingly sacrificed in the name of their faith and hope in Christ.

What have you sacrificed for the Lord?

July 15-21

Alma 30 and 31 demonstrate how one might allow another to discourage their own testimony. Korihor, often referred to as the “anti-Christ,” went out of his way to dissuade the Nephites of their faithful standing, and was sorely rebuked by Alma and the Lord for his actions.

This painting by David Linn illustrates the interplay between the light that comes from the Gospel, and the darkness that comes without Christ’s teaching in our lives. Followers of Korihor and other anti-Christs fell into “great errors” (Alma 31:9) as a result of their blindness to the teachings of their contemporary prophet.

How can you increase your access to Christ’s light in your life?

July 22-28

The imagery Alma provides concerning planting and nurturing a seed is process familiar to many. This work comes from a series that depicts the multiple stages of a seed’s growth: the seed was previously planted, here it sprouts, and later it will become a tree. In this abstract painting, Laycock highlights the seed and the plant by encasing each in a square, thus reminding the viewer that the seed still needs to be nurtured, no matter how far grown it may be. Ultimately our faith does transform and grow based on our consistent efforts.

How have you come to know for yourself that “the word is good”? (Alma 32:28)

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