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Come Follow Me

"Come, Follow Me" - June 2024

Artworks for Mosiah 25 through Alma 16

Our artistic journey through the Book of Mormon continues! Each month on our website, you can find artworks to accompany each of the coming month's Come, Follow Me readings. You can also subscribe to get email reminders when new artworks are ready or follow along weekly on Instagram or Facebook. We hope that art-lovers everywhere will be inspired by these artworks as they complement their gospel study, family discussions, and church classes with fine art from around the world. Here are our selected artworks for June:

May 27 - June 2

This Latin Bible, hand-written and beautifully decorated with precious materials, is a reminder of Christ as “the word made flesh.” Manuscripts like these were often made from stretched animal skin, a reminder of the Savior’s body being likened to a sacrificial animal.

Like the transformation from animal skin to parchment, Alma and the sons of Mosiah experienced the truly transformative power of the Atonement of Christ when they were visited by an angel in Mosiah 27. These rebellious sons were reshaped and reborn with a renewed purpose.

How has the written word of God transformed you this past week?

June 3-9

Alma was likely troubled by apostate Nephites’ decision to unify with the Lamanite army in support of a wicked king.

However, in his humility, Alma cried to the Lord, asking to be made an instrument in His hands for the benefit of the righteous.

In this painting, Minerva Teichert intentionally places Alma with his back to the viewers. In doing so, she reaffirms the message that the viewers are fighting alongside Alma and against the false ideas promoted by Almici.

In what other ways does this piece encourage you to support Alma and influence your community for good?

June 10-16

After a serious injury in WWI, Oskar Kokoschka produced a series of prints on the Passion of Christ, focusing on the human ability to inflict suffering upon each other. Representing Christ’s solitude, Kokoschka draws a curtain of darkness between Christ and his sleeping disciples, further implying the divide felt between the divine and the earthly inhabitants.

An important emphasis is added to the light found on Christ’s side as he prays for the reconciliation of all souls to God. Similarly, Alma encourages the disciples of Christ to experience – and continue to experience – the enveloping light and love of the Savior that comes through repentance and rebirth.

How have you drawn closer to the light of Christ this week?

June 17-23

For His disciples, the crucifixion of Christ might have been considered a failure, as His mortal ministry did not produce the results they expected. After Christ’s death, His apostles were disappointed and lost, forgetting that the Savior would come again according to His own words. With time and patience, the apostles received witnesses of the resurrected body of Christ and rejoice in the knowledge of His infinite gospel.

Initially, Alma faced considerable failure through his missionary efforts in Ammonihah. However, as a result of his patience and faith, Alma was blessed with a devoted companion in Amulek. Together, they preached the gospel and strengthened each other through their individual knowledge of the Atonement. Instead of wallowing inwards, they turned to the Savior as their guide and strength.

Notice the people depicted in this piece. What would you do or say to encourage the people to look up to the Savior?

June 24-30

Amid an inky dark and tumultuous night, Henry Culmer paints a glowing orange fire that draws the viewer’s attention to the middle of the piece. No one is within the darkness of the fire’s surroundings, suggesting that the viewer becomes the profiter of this warmth. Once settled close to the hearth, the crackle of the burning wood and the dancing light fills the viewer with warmth and peace, knowing that although it may be dark around them, they can find repose in the present moment.

Entering “into the rest of the Lord” (Alma 13:16) may not always be as simple as walking to a warm fire in the dark. However, as highlighted by Alma and Amulek’s teachings in Alma 13 and 14, the reward for persevering towards the rest of the Savior is immeasurable.

What does entering “into the rest of the Lord” mean to you?

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