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From the Vault Audio Labels

On this page you'll find audio versions of the labels for each of the artworks in the exhibition From the Vault.

The Child Jesus, by William Charles Thomas Dobson
Our Savior Subject To His Parents at Nazareth, by John Rogers Herbert
Rest on the Flight to Egypt, by Hermann Kaulbach
"Family on Horse Drawn Cart" Audio Label
Fall and Redemption of Man, by School of Lucas Cranach
"The Valley" Audio Label
"Fallen Monarchs" Audio Label
Holy Family, by Giuseppe Mazzola
Triplus, by Ron Richmond
"Premier Chagrin (First Grief)" Audio Label
"Ladies at Dinner" Audio Label
"Seated Girl Reading Newspaper" Audio Label
"Yankee Doodle" Audio Label
"Plowing Valley of the Great Salt Lake" Audio Label
"Two Boxers and Referee" Audio Label
"In the Beginning" Audio Label