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The MOA Mourns the Passing of Walter Askin (1929-2021)

The Museum of Art regretfully acknowledges the passing of artist Walter Askin, a Pasadena native with a long career as an artist, curator, author, and teacher. Primarily a painter and lithographer, Askin also worked in sculpture and other media. In 2016, the MOA had the pleasure of sharing his work in the exhibition Reality Reorganized: Walter Askin and Wayne Kimball’s Mysterious Discursions. Askin received both his BA and MA from UC Berkeley. He has had dozens of solo and group exhibitions around the world, including at the Kunslerhaus, the MOMA, the Whitney Museum of Art, and various others. His career was defined by forming collaborative relationships with other artists and forming artists groups wherein the artists came together to collaborate and share feedback. Askin spent many decades as a teacher, teaching from junior high level through college, all the while creating artworks and continuing to learn more and refine his own style. He was known for his imaginative and humorous pieces that often shift the viewer’s expectations of familiar objects and themes. Many of his pieces are also tinged with satire as he uses his artistic expression to bring mankind’s perceptions of their greatness back down to reality. His work as an artist, a teacher, and a collaborator will be sorely missed.