Viewer Voices: Blanket Stories

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[column3] Blanket Stories 1[/column3] [column32_last] With the weather growing colder and the holidays already upon us, there is no shortage of days perfect for snuggling up with some of our favorite creature comforts, and nothing is more cheering on a gray day than a soft, warm blanket.

In connection with a featured Marie Watt work now on view in our current Shaping America exhibition — a stack of colorful, memory-filled blankets collected and assembled by artist Marie Watt — our visitors have shared their own “Blanket Stories,” each filled with loving memories and reminders of home and family.[/column32_last]

“My grandmother, Rosina Godino, crocheted blankets. She would put them over me when I took naps. I still have them and they make me feel warm and safe 35 years later. I put them over my stepdaughter when she naps too.” – Anon.

“I had a blanket that I loved so much I tried to take it in the bath.” – Annie D.

[pullquote align=right] …mine was a smooth silk one I couldn

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